We’re a creative agency that connects people, brands and ideas by doing what we love, creating standout design and bringing it into the real world.

We create so much more than just beautiful design. We bring it to life, translating it into real, tangible brands, content, websites and experiences that help our clients discover opportunities and connect with their audiences in ways that matter.

We’re an integrated creative agency that provides clients in a wide range of sectors with a professional, yet refreshingly personal approach, offering direct access to the entire creative team working on your project. But what sets us apart is our absolute dedication to providing a unique customer experience throughout the creative process across multiple disciplines and multiple channels. We are absolutely dependable, thrive on tight timescales, driven by practical results and 100% committed to your success.



Graphic Design

Communicating through graphic design.

Our graphic designers take pride in crafting attractive and creative pieces that tell a story and compel prospective buyers to take the next step in the sales cycle.

Pulse Marketing’s creative team works together with our clients from research and conceptualization, to crafting and delivering remarkable graphics to create an image that visually embodies your business. In a world saturated with content and data, the visual impact of professional graphic design services determines your credibility in the marketplace.

We use our creativity and professional graphic design expertise to create attractive layouts, designs, and illustrations to engage your target audience and effectively communicate your message. Our designs are original and created specifically for your business, following industry best practices, market trends, and your brand’s guidelines.

Well-designed marketing materials are more attractive and enjoyable to read. Through creative design, we can help your business successfully deliver information through a variety of channels. Our extensive graphic design services include print and web materials, broadcast, packaging, and trade show pieces. At Pulse, we create more than beautiful pieces; we create striking visual messages that are thought-provoking, engaging, and powerful sales tools.

Graphic designer at work. Color swatch samples.
We love being a design agency. To us, design is the most important thing in the world. It transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary and gives your business the power to connect, influence and engage. Exceptional design is non-negotiable. Working across a range of creative disciplines, we deliver beautiful, focused design that amplifies your message, allowing it to rise above the noise and resonate with your target audiences across multiple channels. We are an integrated design agency that specializes in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to create meaningful brand experiences that drive your business forward.

Translating a brand into stunning creative tools or everyday collateral takes the same dedication to detail and an understanding of how design works. We use our experience and skills to bring the same level of excellence to every graphic design project we create, from corporate brochures and PR tools to patient literature and packaging.


Graphic Design

We offer a complete graphic design service that covers every possible area of the art.

We use the brand and identity we have created for you, or work to your existing brand guidelines, to create beautiful, practical designs that reflect your identity and communicate your message clearly.

We have wrapped buildings in graphics, created three-dimensional press kits to woo journalists, we have even created a virtual store, complete with virtual stock; but to be a little more down-to-earth, we design what you need – business cards, corporate literature, press kits, exhibition graphics, packaging, annual reports and promotional materials.

We design without fuss or ego – we keep our clients because we routinely perform what some regard as impossible.

Allow us to raise your expectations.


Artwork and Layout

As well as creative graphic design, we offer a full artworking and layout service for regular or one-off projects. We produce guides, magazines and newsletters, creating the initial concepts, producing each edition and managing print or email distribution.

We manage your copy and image requirements, adapting style templates and sourcing content where necessary, whilst maintaining a brand consistency throughout every project.

We will happily work with your printer, mailing house or e mailshot provider or we can provide all of these services.


Document Production

Document Production / Management is the creation and management of documents in Microsoft Office rather than a design industry programe, allowing you to retain editing control of documents that are dynamic and frequently updated.

We offer a full document production service that brings together our graphic design skills with an in-depth knowledge of MS Office, we create templates and presentations that are on-brand, attractive and effective.

We treat every project as confidential and can offer printing and production in a secure print house when required. Although much of our document production work tends to be financial and legal, the same approach can be of benefit to you for training manuals, company reports and internal briefing documents.


Stunning Print

We understand print and how to get the most stunning effects. Print is now of such a high perceived value that it has become the tool of choice for customers wanting to stand out from the crowd.

We have digital, litho and print partners that we have worked with for nearly twenty years, giving us a distinct advantage in turnaround times; when it comes to choosing every detail from card and paper to foiling, embossing, laser cutting, we have a vast range at our disposal and the experience to know which stock and effect is right for our clients.



Developing eye-catching packaging design that still adheres to production specifications. Carefully using product real estate to balance brand messaging, value proposition and legal requirements.

Designing the actual packaging according to the printer's design template and presenting initially as digital concepts. Then working with the printer in order to ensure quality and consistency of design.



Brainstorming, researching and proposing advertising / promotional marketing ideas to clients with volume and budget details. Designing the digital that is applied to each promotional marketing item or advertising campaign.

Establishing custom designs for specific advertising campaigns or promotional (mugs, apparel, giveaways, etc.) print materials.